There are several means to keep your body cool: swim at the nearest coast, drench your body on the pool, drink a cup of ice cold lemonade, or lock yourself in a room with a tower fan. Wait, what is a tower fan?

A tower fan, basically, is a fan that has a tower-like design. It functions same with a standard fun, but a lot better. It has features a standard fan does not have. The tower fan is an improved type of ordinary fan with features that similar to the air-conditioner. Its purpose stays the same: to keep your body fresh. But, how does it work? And what to look for when purchasing a tower fan?

What is a Tower Fan?

A tower fan is a tower-like cooling device that has the capabilities to circulate air from warm to cold. It works same with an ordinary fan, except it has a wider range of circulation. The motor inside the tower fan oscillates to 90 degrees. Other models can swing up to 180-degrees.

Same with other fans, a tower fan has an intuitive control panel where you can modify or adjust the settings such as the intensity or level of coolness and the timer. Most models have a click or torque for turning the swing on and off. You could find in the control panel the power button and the ionizer button.

Some models of tower fans have an option for selecting modes such as fan, breeze, or cool air. Most tower fans can be controlled by a remote control for easy and efficient operability.

How a Tower Fan Works

How a tower fan works depends on the type of motor it has. There are apparently two types of tower fans: the traditional tower fans that have blades and the bladeless tower fans. Tower fans are operated by a motor, which means they need an electrical source to function. Some particular models run via rechargeable battery while most of them work through the direct power supply.

Basically, the motor inside the fan is in a cylindrical container. Inside it are blades that push the air up and down to equally distribute it to the vents outside the frame of the fan. Unlike traditional fans that circulate air horizontally, the air flows vertically in tower fans.

Some distinctive features of tower fans are:

  • Ionizer

Ionizers work by amplifying warm air into a colder one which means ionizers are responsible for making your room arctic.

  • Wireless control

Almost all models of tower fans are wirelessly controllable via remote control. You can adjust the level of coldness as well as other settings to your fan at the comfort of your bed or couch.

  • Quiet motor

One of best reasons to buy a tower fan is because of it has a smooth engine. Tower fans truly are the improved version of loud and cranky traditional fans.

  • Tower-like Design

The reason why they are called Tower fans is that they literally look like a tower. Tower fans have narrow, vertical structure basically with round base that makes them very easy to position even in constricted spaces. Tower fans are also ideal for minimalists.

Taking Care of Your Tower Fan

Tower fans are excellent equipment every household should have. But just like any other technologies, even with their strong structure and robust construction, tower fans could be vulnerable too especially when left uncared. There are many reasons why you should take care of your tower fan:

  • Tower fans are not indestructible.
  • Tower fans will actually make you and your house cool.
  • You purchased the tower fan at a price that is reasonable enough to keep good care of it.
  • And here is how to take care of your tower fan:
  • The process of cleaning a tower fan differs in cleaning an ordinary fan. You should not disassemble the frame of the tower fan to keep the internal motor safe.
  • Using only a damp cloth, wipe the vents of the tower fan, both front, and back. You could also use a vacuum to get rid of the dirt and lint that may be present in the corners or even inside the fan. Nonetheless, always prefer to the user guide that came with the product about the proper way of cleaning the fan.
  • Remember, always unplug the fan before cleaning and keep it that way until you are done.
  • Dissembling the tower fan while on warranty period may cause eligibility for the service. It is best to call customer support if your product faces technical issues. If necessary, do not troubleshoot the fan by yourself. Look for a professional technician or bring the product back to the supplier.

Tower Fan vs Central Air

Others still prefer central air conditioning system as it can cool not just a room, but the entire house. It is also operational with the thermostat that allows you to change the temperature. However, when it comes to financial practicality, others switch from using central air to tower fan.

Tower fans are more efficient; it uses a reasonable amount of electricity. There are also no needed setups, just place the fan on the desired area and plug it. Easy! Tower fans are also more affordable. The price of installing a central air conditioning system in the house is equivalent to buying two to four tower fans!

Others claim that cheaply is no good. That may be true sometimes, but just because a tower fan is economical doesn’t mean it is underrated or poor quality. Tower fans can do the job of an air conditioner with the convenience of a fan.


Tower fans provide several practical benefits that other cooling devices such as traditional fan and air condition cannot provide. Hence, now is a good time to buy a tower fan. It will make your room cozier than it is. You can purchase a tower fan in leading home improvement centers, department stores, or in appliance centers. Tower fans are also available in reputable online stores such as Amazon.