Tower fans and normal fans like, a pedestal fan, are both great choices for beating the summer heat. But which one is better? Which is the perfect option for you? Before you make your purchase, there are a lot of things you should consider, such as your available space, purpose, and style.


In determining the kind of fan you will buy, the space where your fan will be placed is a big decision-making factor. Tower fans are a great option for those who live in apartments or who want a fan in a small room because the slender design of a tower fan allows it to fit in tight corners while still being able to provide ample air flow. For bigger rooms, on the other hand, normal fans are more ideal since they have big blades and thus, they can cool the area better than a tower fan.


What is your reason for having a fan? Is it to increase air circulation? Are you concerned about allergies? If you merely need to facilitate air circulation, or cool your room, both tower and normal fans can be used.

But if you intend to purify the air from dust or pet dander (bits of skin), then a tower fan is what you are most likely to need. With its built-in features, ionizers and other advanced aspects, it can better serve the purpose of helping to alleviate allergies as well as increase the air quality in your house.


If you want to accentuate your current and existing home décor, a tower fan can do that for you. Tower fans are available in a variety of classy and sophisticated styles so they can really play up your aesthetics.

Further, they can cool poorly ventilated rooms without being obvious. But if you are not that concerned with style, and just want to find the most inexpensive way of cooling down a bigger room, you can go with a normal fan.


Tower fans win this category since their blades are covered well with grills, making it almost impossible to stick your finger through it. This does not entirely mean though that normal fans are already dangerous. However, they surely can’t match the safety that a tower fan brings.


Again, tower fans win this round because they are designed in a way to “work in silence.” They even have settings that include choosing white noise (for better and improved sleep). Whisper-like speed settings are available to give you cooling in the quietest possible manner.

Normal fans, on the other, tend to produce noise coming from the machine or the whirling blades. It is just a feature of a normal fan to produce noise; it depends on whether you, as a customer, can handle it.

If there are things that both tower fans and normal fans have in common, are oscillation and having a remote control. The former means that it moves back and forth, usually at a certain degree, to distribute air evenly. The latter is then used for you to control the fan, even if you are far away from it.

If you want to change the speed setting, from a two to three, you can do so without getting up and going to the fan to manually push the button; the remote control will do the work for you. For normal fans, it is more likely for a user to push a button on its panel than use a remote control, since that is not the main feature of such fan.

Comparing both the tower fan and normal fan to an air conditioner is a totally different story. Obviously, an air conditioner is far more advanced than either of the two fans. It has a lot of built-in features that make it stand out more. But that does not mean that it doesn’t have any flaws.

There are certain instances that a tower or normal fan is still the better choice than an air conditioner. During the summer, sometimes fans can outshine an air conditioner, which means lower energy bills. Fans can work hand in hand with your air-conditioning unit to increase distribution of the air-conditioned air.

Nonetheless, every fan has its own unique trait that makes it more ideal than another. It all depends on what you want and need. Rest assured that each fan will be doing its job to bring you the coolest air possible.