Tower fans indeed became the cost-efficient and cost-effective alternative to central air, air conditions, and regular fans. It has several cool features that standard fans lack.

Why people switch to tower fans? Tower fans have unique qualities that make room chilly in a very satisfying way. One of the distinctive features of tower fan is the ionizer. The ionizer tends to convert warm air to cold air. The tower-like structure of the fan helps the motor to magnify and spread the circulation of air within the room.

The tower fan advantages, in fact, create a long list because of the state of the art technology it has, but before that, how about a quick glimpse to more tower fan features?

Tower Fan Features

Tower fans have some excellent features and terrific qualities that make it a good substitute for central air conditioning system, window AC units, and traditional fans.

  • Tower design

This tower-looking fan is very ideal for houses with small spaces. The linear structure of the fan is very flexible to any places because it does not eat a lot of space nor it is bulky for the room. The engine of this fan matches with its design – the motor is inside a cylindrical column.

  • Easy controls

Tower fans have a control panel that is mostly installed on the top. The controls are intuitive. Basically, you will find the buttons for the temperature setting, timer, fan mode, and the on and off button. Adjusting the setting is very easy, no professional skills needed.

  • Scent Feature

Most tower fans today have scent feature that allows you to place a chip of air freshener inside the fan (usually in a dedicated slot or cartridge). Tower fans with this feature usually have a scent control that will let you adjust the intensity of the smell. Other models have odor-eliminating features.

  • Quiet Mode

Another excellent feature of tower fans is the silent mode. Unlike traditional fans, tower fans can work without noise. Just a silent fan that stealthily makes you feel cold and chill through a good night sleep.

Now that we have unveiled the essential features of a tower fan, it is now then time to know the advantages of each feature.

Tower Fan Advantages

  • Energy Saving

Tower fans use a lesser amount of wattage than in regular air condition units. AC units use an average of 3.5kWh in an hour while tower fans use only an average of 2.4kWh for a 24-hour usage which means you will save a lot of money on your electric bills. Air condition units use greater wattage because the motor undergoes several processes in converting warm air to cooler air. On the other hand, tower fans simply ionize the air and amplify it by vertically oscillating it to 90 to 180 degrees.

  • Cost-efficient

There are several brands of tower fans. Each brand has an array of models and types. Each product has its own price tags. Perhaps it could be said that traditional tower fans are actually more affordable than air condition units. However, tower fans with extra features are expected to cost higher.

  • Convenient

The convenience of tower fans comes in several factors. First, the compact design, because of the tower-like structure, tower fans can be placed in small areas. They do not consume much space making them ideal for houses with limited spaces. Second are the easy controls. The control panel of tower fans is very intuitive. The settings are also adjustable wirelessly via remote control. Other models have LED that shows your current tower fan settings. And lastly, tower fans do not need sophisticated setups. Just plug the fan into a power source and enjoy the breeze. Use the remote control to adjust cold settings.

  • Silent Operation

No more fear of waking up your child when operating a fan. Tower fans are designed with a motor that does not make a noise when functioning.

So, You Want to Buy a Tower Fan

As already mentioned, there is an overwhelming amount of tower fans on the market – all with similar features. So instead of telling you what tower fan you should buy, we would rather tell you what to look for in a tower fan.

  • Efficient

Choose a tower fan that uses a reasonable amount of wattage. If you are not quite sure about the electrical usage of the product, you look for it in the manual or if it is indicated on the box. Otherwise, directly call the manufacturer.

  • Warranty

Purchase a tower fan with eligibility to warranty. Almost all appliance centers and stores include a warranty upon purchase of a product. The warranty is important as it will help you fix the technical issue of the fan without any cost. Remember to ask about the coverage of the warranty.

  • Beautiful Design

Buy a tower fan with a design and structure that match up your style, your house, or your room. This should not be tough since they are several tower fans in the market with different designs.

  • Energy-smart

Look for the electrical usage of the fan. It is usually found at the back of the fan, in its packaging, or in the leaflet.

  • Affordable

Traditional tower fans are generally inexpensive. Unless the fan has several added features such as scent feature, sleep timer, or other special facets, it may cost higher (sometimes more expensive than an ordinary AC unit). Popular tower fan brands are sometimes thought to cost more, but contrary to that idea, they often times offer low-cost tower fans for budget shoppers.


Summer is coming, and you need something efficient and affordable device to keep your home cool despite the scorching summer heat – a tower fan truly is an excellent choice! Tower fans offer several advantages such as keeping your home fresh. With it, you will have a very good night sleep without the worry of increasing your utility bill. Additionally, tower fans with a scent feature will make your home surprisingly fragrant.