Trying to get comfortable in a casual and natural way by imitating the feeling that a wind gives off with optimal results? Also, if you’re looking to decorate your place but still have the comforting feeling that you are looking for, then the Soleus Air 35 inches Tower Fan that has a sleek and compact design and can give you just what you’re looking for.

Even if the surrounding area darkens, you won’t be finding it difficult to operate or adjust the settings of the unit since it’s built-in with an LED indicator light. The internal fan cage oscillation of the unit provides maximum comfort and circulation of the air with its fans movement going side to side, which lessens the chances of wearing the fan down easily.

It has a 7.5 hour timer that lets the unit automatically shut off and a remote control to control the unit at a distance. Although the vibration of its motor is lessened to minimize the noise it could make, it still operates powerfully. The unit is in good quality, gives off a strong breeze and is efficient in energy usage.


  • The unit is built with 3 fan speed settings: low, medium, and high speed.
  • One of its features that stand out is its wind settings: normal breeze, wind breeze, and night time breeze.
  • Its oscillation can be turned on and off and glides side to side.
  • The unit comes with a remote controller to operate the unit at a distance for easy access.
  • It has a timer that lets you set it for up to 7.5 hours that automatically shuts the fan off.
  • It has an LED indicator lights to let you operate the unit with ease even when the lights surrounding you are turned off.


  • The unit may be ready to use but it still easy to assemble.
  • It comes with a timer so it’s pretty convenient. You won’t be feeling cold all night or in the morning since the unit can be automatically turned off once it has reached the time you set it at.
  • A feature of the unit that stands out is its different wind setting: normal breeze which is the usual wind you can feel around you. Wind breeze which simulates the outdoor breeze. Lastly, the night breeze which has a lower fan speed as to avoid making noises.
  • It comes with a remote control to easily access the unit even at a distance.


  • You will have to give a bit of your time in assembling it, but it won’t be taking up so much of your time as long as you follow what is written in the manual.
  • The remote battery cover may not be that desirable. It gets a bit difficult in taking the remote out when you slide it back to its holding spot at the back of the fan.
  • There is a rattling sound to it when you have the oscillate feature turned on and it makes a tiny sound when it changes directions.
  • The unit is tilted back which makes the remote sensor to be in a difficult place for the fan to recognize the command the remote gives.


With its various features and functions, you’ll be feeling comfortable and relaxing all day long. The 3 fan speed settings: low, medium, and high speed that you’re free to adjust however you feel like.

It also has oscillation that glides side to side and can be turned on and off, a timer that lets your unit automatically turn off, a remote controller to operate the unit at a distance, an LED indicator light which is convenient and its three wind settings: normal breeze, wind breeze and night breeze are just some of the features that make it awesome.

With the minimal work needed to assemble the unit, you won’t be having a hard time, since you can just follow the instructions that it comes with.

Possible Alternatives

If you have found a product that’s worth your attention and has all the features and functions you want but still tight in your budget, then it is best to tone down on what you are looking at. You will not get anywhere just by looking at these high quality products since they are bound to be costly, unless of course, you’re planning to save for it.

Settling for something of lesser quality does not mean that it won’t have what you are looking for. You just need to have the patience to keep on looking for it. Be it a tower fan, a pedestal fan or a table fan or any other fan out there, as long as you are satisfied with its performance, features and functions, then it is all good and set.


Are you still not sure whether to buy this tower fan or not? Then go and read back everything about it. It has a unique compact design which saves up some space in the room.

Its various features such as the 3 fan speed settings, the 3 wind settings, the timer which you can set to automatically turn off and a remote control make it a great purchase. This set requires some assembly but you can simply follow the manual. This product is pretty good to have if you can no longer tolerate the heat.