Looking out and searching for a thing that could replace your stand fan and keep your house filled with a cool breeze is not an easy task. Not only because you’ll end up with so many lines of products, you’ll also deal with the fact that there are thousands of brands from little-known to well-known companies.

There are portable, wall mounted or split type air conditioners that can easily regulate the room temperature at a certain setting but to a cost of great electrical consumption.

Fortunately, after a few years of trying to perfect the product, there are now a series of tower fan products like the Seville Classics: Slimline Tower Fan that can keep the air evenly circulated across the entire room.

Seville Classics: Slimline Tower Fan is a combo pack of a large and small tower fan that are perfect for any room, whether it is an office, living room, bedroom or any room that needs a cool breeze. The product is also perfect for your kitchen as things get hot in there when you start cooking.

The large and smaller tower fans are fully packed with so many great features such as the ultra-quiet mode, a remote control feature and a speed setting from low, medium, high and eco.

Compared to your stand fan, the power of this amazing tower fan is enough to keep a large room in a cool temperature, giving you extended comfort and a longer period of relaxation while consuming a small amount of electricity, unlike an air conditioner.

This set will provide you the cool feeling you need during hot and summer days for a very reasonable price.


  • It operates smoothly and ultra-quiet. You can feel the air blowing strongly but you can barely notice that the device is on as it is very smooth and very quiet.
  • It is built with strong and sturdy materials. Not like most tower fans, this product has a high quality metallic cage or housing. It can survive and withstand falls during an accidental bump. This tower fan will last remarkably long.
  • The tall tower fan has four speed settings from low, medium, high and eco. Smaller or personal tower fan has three: low, medium and high.
  • Remote Control feature is included to allow user the comfort of controlling the fan’s setting from a distance.
  • Batteries are included in the package for the remote control.
  • It has an efficient and high performing oscillation feature which can also be controlled via the remote control.
  • The combo pack is perfect to have one permanently used for a large space room and use the smaller tower fan for your room or personal use.
  • The smaller tower fan is also great for an all-around fan due to its light weight and great portability. It can be easily transferred from one room to another.
  • It has a timer or an energy saving feature.


  • It actually blows out or distributes cool air as advertised. Unlike other tower fans that just act like a neat-looking blower with the power of a stand or table fan.
  • The timer is also called the power-saving feature. It allows you to set a time where the tower fan will automatically shut itself off. This mode or feature is very helpful at night.
  • The quality of the remote is noteworthy. It can perform well and control the tower fan at a great distance.
  • It has a nice aesthetics. The tower fan looks very elegant, classy and professional. Looking at it will tell you that it is a high standard tower fan.
  • It has an LCD that provides you additional details regarding the tower fan’s current setting.
  • The durability and sturdiness of the Slimline Tower Fan is guaranteed to serve you for a long period of time


  • There is a great chance that controlling it via its buttons can tip it over. The product’s durability is strong but it seems that it does not have a firm and stable stand. Slight bumps can leave it lying on the ground.
  • The smaller tower fan is not as strong as the tall one. This comparison is not with its power but with its durability. The smaller fan is more likely to get broken faster than the taller fan.
  • Smaller fan is a bit noisy and not at all very powerful. It could cool and refresh a single person by angling it directly to you but cannot circulate the air properly even if used in a small room.


Seville Classics is known to build and manufacture different home appliances and furniture and has continued to improve all their products over the years. The Slimline Tower Fan is no different, as it has become one of today’s best-selling products.

They have made it a combo pack wherein it includes a small and tall tower fan, one for settling inside a large room and one for personal or small room use. For a reasonable price, both small and tall tower fans have many great features that not only give you the cool air you need but also provide you with comfort and relaxation.

It has enough power to keep the air even in the entire room and could be set to turn itself off at a given interval. This is perfect for replacing your old and obsolete stand, table or ceiling fan.


Looking at its price, the Seville Classics: Slimline Tower Fan is a little bit costly. And if budget is a factor then you can have or take a look at other products such as the Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM that is far more inexpensive compared with the Seville Classics Tower fan.

It is affordable while having almost the same features, but you should expect a big difference in terms of durability and sturdiness. Tower fans usually last if you just treat them properly regardless of price. Try to do some maintenance and cleaning and it is sure to prolong the life expectancy of the product.


Seville Classics: Slimline Tower Fan is a great investment as it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Rather than buying several table and stand fan to keep the place cool, a single tower fan can do the job for you.

It also uses just the right amount of energy compared to an air conditioner that is highly expensive in terms of electrical consumption. The Seville Classics: Slimline Tower Fan can keep the air flowing just about right to maintain a nice breeze and a relaxing temperature. This, in general, is the tower fan product that your money deserves.