Looking for something to keep your place cool and to spice up the appearance, while still being economical and cost-effective? Then we have found what you are looking for.

A tower fan, which is similar to our usual fans at homes or workplaces, is something that we can mostly find at any local store, but has a twist to it. In order to provide faster air movement, instead of spreading out the airflow with a wide fan base, a tower fan condenses the air movement in a vertical fashion. Try sitting in front of it and you will feel the wonderful fine and cold breeze.

The Reclinable Tower Fan is a one of a kind and can provide what you need. Having a reclinable body of up to 12 degrees and by being able to stretch out, it could provide a larger range of ventilation and comfort to the users. It also has a 3 speed setting, 2 fan modes and a louver oscillation. Other features include Ionizer and a remote and off-timer.


  • Its reclinable body can reach up to 12 degrees and it has a 55 degree louver oscillation
  • Feel free to choose how strong or fast your unit will perform, since it has 3 speed settings and 2 fan modes built in it.
  • For better quality and clean fresh air, it has an Ionizer that filters the air in a natural way.
  • It has a remote control to easily operate the tower fan and avoid any unnecessary interruptions just so you could change the speed or options of your fan and a convenient remote storage for it.
  • You can set a timer on your unit for up to 7 hours. When it has reached the designated time set, it will automatically turn off, which conserves electricity.


  • It’s easy to assemble. You’ll only need a Philips screwdriver to screw some of its parts and it’s ready to use.
  • There’s a built-in timer which enables you to set your unit on how long it will stay on, for up to 7 hours.
  • You’re free to customize the type of setting you would like to have on your unit with its fan modes and speed settings.
  • Has an oscillation of 55 degrees that tilts at about 12 degrees to circulate the air and it covers a wide range of distance.
  • It has a handle located at the top which you can easily grab and be able to transfer it from one place to another with ease.
  • For easy access it has a remote controller.


  • The unit has a timer but is limited to up to 7 hours and can only be set in even hours.
  • There is only one button for its power and speed settings. It makes it difficult to constantly change the speed setting since if you first set it at a low speed by pressing the power or speed button, the unit will turn off and by pressing it again it will go into a high speed setting. Any previously set modes or oscillation will reset, thus you will need to set them again to your desired setting.
  • The unit gives off a bit of noise but it is not up to the point where you will find it irritating and intolerable.


Having a tower fan at your place is one way of keeping it cool in an effective and efficient way. Some people would usually go for a pedestal fan since it is far cheaper than a tower fan, but is lacking in style if you’re looking to decorate your place.

It has a stylish appearance and you can place it anywhere you want that would not get in your way and even in tight places where usually a pedestal would not even fit.

Possible Alternatives

Trying to ease up or conserve some energy by minimizing the usage of your air conditioner and lower your energy costs, or looking for a way to assist your air conditioner in circulating the cool air it gives off? For that you will need to know what kind of fan you are looking for.

A tower fan and a pedestal fan could give you the wind power if that is what you’re looking for but if it’s a fan that you’ll be placing on a table for a few people to use, then having a table fan would be more sensible.

Whether you choose to go for a tower fan, a pedestal fan or a table fan, higher quality products are expected to be costly, thus having alternatives and knowing the budget you have allocated for it will let you help on deciding things easier on what to buy.


This reclinable tower fan most certainly is not cheap, but it will not betray any expectation you might have. Though it’s not ready to use once bought, it’s still easy to assemble. It’s compact and easy to transport and you are able to place it anywhere you want at ease because of its handle on top.

It has features that help with the ventilation and circulation of air in your room and it filters any undesirable compounds with the help of its ionizer and keeps the air clean in a natural way.

You won’t have to trouble yourself if you want to change any setting or mode on the unit since it comes with a remote controller and a storage for you to store it.