Fan production has gotten very competitive and they each have their own unique features to entice customers. But in the end, you buy the fan that you think will suit your needs and do a proper job.

You might have to let go of an awesome feature of one fan to experience an equally great feature of another fan. But what if you could actually get the best of both worlds? You can find all the features you have been looking for, and the comfort you want with the Ozeri Ultra 42-Inch Wind Fan.


  • Has a stylish and sophisticated design that saves space and compliments room decor
  • Manufactured to create more velocity with less noise using a foot/per minute to dB for noiseless airflow
  • Three preprogrammed airflow patterns that were designed to foster sleep, comfort, and relaxation
  • Consists of three extremely quiet speed settings, together with 90-degree oscillation for optimum air circulation
  • Features a 12-hour timer that can be programmed in one-hour intervals using push-button ease
  • Comes with an enhanced-range remote control that conveniently accesses fan settings
  • No tools required for assembly


The Ozeri Ultra 42-Inch Wind has a set of more impressive features compared to other tower fans. The sleek design of this tower fan compliments and improves a room’s décor. What’s more is that its accurate engineering produces greater air velocity compared to competing models.

And yes, all that while making less noise based on foot per minute to dB. In addition, it produces a noiseless airflow, given that it features three speed settings which are exceptionally quiet. Plus, it oscillates up to 90 degrees for needed relief during a scorching hot day, or for refreshing air circulation the whole year round.

Further, it can foster sleep, comfort, and relaxation, all thanks to its three selectable airflow patterns. A multi-colored LED display can be activated through the built-in control panel or the included extended-range remote control unit.

The LED light is not too bright that it would disturb your sleep at night. It contains a 12-hour timer, which can be set in one-hour increments together with push-button ease. There is a removable extension column included with this product that enables you to adjust the fan’s height from 32 to 42 inches.

Customers who purchased this wind fan have experienced extreme silence, even when set to the highest speed; that is testament to the fact that it is perfect for use in the bedroom for a sound sleep. And its blows air at a quite good distance as airflow is still detectable at the 10 to 12-foot mark.

Also, as mentioned, it comes with an LED screen, which is really helpful for having a visible readout, so no more squinting. Moreover, the assembly is so effortless since specific screws and parts are obviously designated for specific holes; thus, there is no way that you will assemble this wind fan wrong.


Customers say that it has an unstable circular base, probably because it is made of super thin and malleable plastic; it is like it has no weight. The same holds true about the extension piece. As a result, the fan tends to wobble when oscillating. Another issue with oscillation has to do with the clicking sound it produces when moving back and forth.

With the remote control, a concern is that it has rubber buttons within an enclosure made of hard plastic; since the rubber is extremely soft, the buttons tend to get stuck under the hard plastic edge when you push them down.


What else can you ask for with this wind fan when it seems to feature so much? That is why it is recommended because it really gets the job done. As a start, there is no extreme assembly process since most of the unit is already assembled, and only a minor setup in needed.

It is so powerful that it blows air which you can feel even if you are across the room. The remote control it comes with also helps you adjust the settings without being close to the fan to press the buttons. It looks sophisticated and trendy as well, making it fit in almost anywhere.

In addition, it has three extra-quiet settings plus a 90-degree wide angle oscillation to evenly distribute air. Even at the lowest speed setting you will still feel the air it circulates. No more problems with sleeping too, because it has three different breeze patterns, namely sleep, normal and nature, to foster sleep, comfort, and relaxation. This fan is surely everything you could ask for.