If you are considering buying yourself a very convenient and effective appliance that is best in cooling and space saving, then you’ll benefit from reading our latest tower fan buying guide. Picking the right tower fan only comes down to what you really need from a fan.

If the season is changing and you are not satisfied with the operation of a pedestal fan, and an air conditioner is just way out of your budget, then you need to buy a tower fan. Today, most people are buying and replacing their ceiling and pedestal fans with tower fans, and you wouldn’t want to be left out with a less durable and low quality product.

Online shopping is one of the best ways to pick the best tower fan. You can look at the product and evaluate if it is suitable for your space or if it fits your requirements before purchasing the final merchandise.

The standard costs of a tower fan are at least £25. You can also make sure the product availability and see the list of features. If you are not comfortable online, then going to your local appliances shop or center is a convenient option since if it is the cool air you want, it is the cool air you’ll get from the store’s air conditioner.

What to Look For in a Tower Fan

Tower fans are more of an upgraded pedestal fan rather than a mini air conditioner. What the tower fan does is it circulates the air efficiently in a wider area rather than cool it like an air conditioner.

Unlike pedestal fans, the breeze that the tower fan gives out is much powerful because of its unique design and functions. Additionally, it is more affordable compared to an air conditioning unit. That’s a number one advantage of buying a tower fan.

Second, most tower fans are made to produce as little sound as possible. You won’t need to worry about putting up with the disturbing sounds that a fan gives out or the constant vibration of a motor from an air conditioner.

While some tower fans are not completely mute, others are equipped with a night mode, which lessens the amount of sound it omits while constantly providing you the cool air you need. It is also a good device to place inside a baby’s room.

Third, tower fans can be operated through a remote control just like an air conditioning unit. The remote control allows you to set a timer when you want it to shut down if you don’t want to get too cold late at night or you will be leaving the house soon.

This is a good feature because it won’t get the fan to overheat and you won’t worry about turning it off in case you are in a hurry and you have a lot on your mind that it just slips your thought. The remote control is not limited to on and off option and also helps dial up or down the cooling effect.

Fourth, the tower fans have oscillation. Cheap to affordable fans rotate so that it can fully distribute the room but the rotation is limited and depends on the type of the fan. For regular fans, if the air in the room is humid, then it also distributes a humid air.

Others don’t just rotate, some release air at different angles, and some produce a more powerful breeze, while others are more on spreading the air around. Since the tower fan comes with a remote control, you can also adjust the air flow and even pause it depending on the situation you are in.

Tower Fan Assessment

Part of the tower fan buying guide is assessing your tower fan for control, variety and sound.


This refers to how much air flow can your tower fan release and how long does it take for the air to circulate in the room. This will also depend on how vast or small the space you want to place your tower fan is.


This refers to the air distribution on how wide can it reach. It also helps to know where you can position the tower fan in the room and where it works best on air flow distribution and oscillation to make sure the people that occupy the room are well ventilated.


This refers to how much noise can your tower fan exerts. Again, it will mostly depend on the distance of the fan from the people in the room. The noise from a tower fan can’t really disturb users, but if you want an all mute tower fan, you can look for higher quality selections.

Overall, when looking for a good quality tower fan, don’t go for something expensive. Rather think about the things that you would want to benefit from your tower fan of choice. The best tower fans are surely a better choice than buying a pedestal fan, ceiling fan or table fan, and certainly budget friendly compared to purchasing an air conditioning unit.

They can really save you a lot of space and perform many times better than a regular fan. Also, you want to guarantee your and your children’s safety when purchasing a fan. The tower fan is completely user and environment friendly. It has a soft blade that will not severely cut or injure the delicate fingers of little kids.

The tower fan is also a good energy saver. In any case, every appliance can only perform as much, it will still depend on how the user takes care and handles this equipment for it to function incredibly and meet anyone’s satisfaction. On that note, we hope that you will be able to find the best tower fan of your choice and use it conveniently at your home or workplace.