Lasko Tower Fans Review

Choosing the most affordable, durable, and high-speed tower fan may sound tedious and a waste of precious time. To help you with this problem, we will be reviewing the latest models of tower fans made by Lasko. Four Lasko tower fans will be reviewed today, and they are the following:

How to Choose Lasko Tower Fans

Before we review our four products, it is important to know how to choose and what factors are needed to be taken into consideration before buying your preferred Lasko tower fan.

First, know how much space you want to cool. If your space, particularly the living area, is wide and spacious, getting a tower fan is a good idea. To note, almost all tower fans are built in a way that you can cool areas from a wide and elongated angle. Tower fans have great air flow capability as compared to a ceiling or pedestal fan. This means that cool air can be produced from the lowest up to the highest points of a living room.

Second, know how much electricity it may cost your household. Generally, the higher the speed, the higher the motor capacity of a tower fan is, and the higher amount of electricity is needed to use the fan.

Third, the Lasko tower fans’ design. You may want to consider the aesthetic value that your tower fan has because you will be putting your new fan in your living area or anywhere in your house where your guests could see it.

Fourth, look out for the materials that were used in the tower fan. Most of the time, these fans are made from durable plastic. However, some of these may turn brittle in the long run, and could cause the early breaking apart of your tower fan.

And, last but not the least, the tower fans’ added features. Tower fans can be similar in design and fan speed limitation, however some Lasko tower fans come with additional features like ionizers and other stuff, which can add further cooling effects.

Other Things to Look for

When you have already decided on a preferred tower fan product, you should still look for other important things, such as remote control options, timer features, fan speed settings, and other unique multifunction options.

It may also be best to know the difference between the normal and hybrid tower fans. These can be easily identified on how or where the air from your tower fan is produced. Technically speaking, hybrid fans are those tower fans whose air is produced from its base. It has horizontal rotor blades that are different from most of the conventional tower fans, which have vertical rotor blades. And, most of the time, these two things will also determine how noisy or how quiet your tower fan would be.

All of these are important to note not only because you want to get the best product for the best price, but because these factors will determine if your tower fan can last long term usage. In addition, considering these things will also prevent accidents caused by short circuit problems and other electrical malfunctions, which lesser quality tower fan may experience in the long run.

Advantages and Benefits of Buying a Lasko Tower Fan

Aside from being much cheaper than running a full-sized air conditioning unit for your house or the living room, getting a Lasko tower fan will assist in lowering electricity bills. This is because the tower fan helps to circulate the cool air enabling your a/c to work less, or even to forgo turning it on in the first place. Thus, a Lasko tower fan can be left running for days on end without heightening electricity usage rates.

These Lasko tower fans were designed to be compact, meaning you can put these fans anywhere you like without any difficulty. Their tower-like designs enable them to fit in spaces where pedestal fans and other bulky fans would not fit.

For the price point, the tower fans being offered by Lasko are of great value in comparison to other tower fans on the market with similar features. These Lasko tower fans’ prices range from 50 US dollars to 99 US dollars on average. All of these fans that were reviewed perform very well and last for the long term.

Brief Review of Lasko Tower Fans

1. Lasko 2511 Tower fan

The Lasko 2511 Tower Fan is an oscillating tower fan that has a digital touch control function. This also has a three-speed function and a timer that can be remotely adjusted and programmed by the tower fan’s infrared remote control device thus allowing you to change the settings from a distance.

The Lasko 2511 Tower Fan is made out of durable plastic and weighs around 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) so it’s light enough to move and durable for the long term. It is also designed to save space as it measures at about 36 inches (3 feet) in height enabling you to use it in a variety of settings.

  • It has a remote control case
  • It is portable and comes with a handle
  • Runs quietly from speed one to three
  • Made from plastic material, thus lessening chances of early deterioration
  • Its plastic material may not be as durable as others
  • The three-speed setting may not be enough to cool a large place

2. Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

The Lasko Wind Curve Fan proudly complies with the requirements set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In addition, it has fresh air ionizer feature that purifies air within the room providing additional benefit.

As compared to other tower fans, the 42.5-inch (3.5-inch) high Lasko Wind Curve Fan can provide optimal air flow in a room. This assures customers of a cooler room temperature within minutes.

  • It has an auto shutdown feature
  • It comes with a remote control for easy speed, timer and oscillation manipulation
  • It is taller than other tower fans
  • Has three speeds
  • Its plastic material may not be as strong and durable as other materials
  • Sometimes a bit noisy, especially from long term use

3. Lasko 4443 Hybrid Fan

Similar in appearance as compared with other tower fans, but this particular Lasko product is a hybrid fan. This means that instead of having a vertically rotating fan blade within the tower fan, a horizontally rotating fan blade is installed within the base of the tower fan. This ensures a higher air flow output as compared to other tower fans.

It comes with a night light for easy manipulation of tower fan settings at night. The 40-inch tall product is made from a combined metal and plastic. Lastly, the tower fan comes with three speeds and a wider oscillation.

  • Its design is sharp and presentable
  • The combined metal and plastic can add durability to the product
  • The night light is helpful in lower light conditions
  • Stronger air flow
  • The direction of the air flow cannot be adjusted
  • It is noisier due to its hybrid design

4. Lasko 4930 Hybrid Fan

The Lasko 4930 Tower Fan is a hybrid fan just like the Lasko 4443. However, the main difference between the two is that with the Lasko 4930, the air direction can be changed.

Although it comes with three speeds just like the other tower fans, the Lasko 4930 has a more powerful motor and a 20-inch blade that can produce stronger airflow. Lastly, Lasko 4930 can be left unattended with its timer, and can be accessed with a remote control.

  • Higher air output as compared from the previously reviewed Lasko tower fans
  • Airflow direction can be changed
  • Compact and can fit anywhere
  • Has three speeds
  • Slightly higher noise produced than other models
  • The range of the oscillation is not as wide

Conclusion of our Lasko Tower Fans Review

For us, the clear winner in this roundup of Lasko tower fans is the Lasko 4930. Aside from the stronger airflow output that this tower fan produces, it is a lot cheaper as compared to its competitors in the same price point and with the same features and capabilities.

Despite its 20-inch rotor blades, the Lasko 4930 remains to be a presentable and elegant space saver. The tower fan’s materials are durable and at the same time, aesthetically appealing. Additionally, this tower fan, which stands at only around 35 inches high, compensates its height with its ability to cool a room in just minutes.

The Lasko 4930 can also be considered an inexpensive but fantastic value from Lasko. This also comes with the staple package inclusions, such as the remote control, sturdy electrical cable, and the basic timer, speed, and oscillation buttons. Technically, you will be just paying for a much stronger tower fan, but on a relatively lower price point.

Furthermore, this is a more preferred fan than the bulkier ones, especially those pedestal type fans. The wider air coverage of the Lasko 4930 is a big factor to consider as compared to normal pedestal fans, which are only used to direct air from certain spots of a room and just from the fan body.