During the summer, it can get pretty hot and even you air conditioner may not be that big of a help, especially in a large room. Thus, you need a helping hand in the form of a tower fan. It provides you with cool air that can help cool you down on a hot summer day. Check out the features of the Lasko #2510 Tower Fan!


  • Made of plastic
  • An imported product
  • Features an electronic touch control operation
  • Easy carry handle as well as an onboard remote control storage
  • Listed by ETL and has a patented fused safety plug
  • 3 quiet speeds and a slender space-saving design


The Lasko #2510 Tower Fan really cools a room well. It provides fresh air that makes you use your air conditioner less, during the hot summer days by distributing cooled air further distances throughout a larger room.

Aside from that, it is really quiet so no worries about sleeping soundly at night. No whirling sounds from the machine will ever reach your ears, except for this white noise, which is a good kind of noise that helps you in falling sleeping faster.

Also, this fan is sturdy enough to last for a long time. And since it has no visible blades, you do not get to see the dust accumulated inside (and even if you do see the dust, you can easily clean the fan).

In addition, this fan is so easy to assemble. With just a few screws to attach the base to the main unit, it is good to go. This is also ideal for apartments since it does not take up much space. A remote control comes with it, so you can turn it on and off, even if you are in your bed or across the room from the fan.

It features a timer, which you can set up to eight hours. And the control button? They are a total thumbs-up for being nicely attached to the fan, making them easy to figure out and push, even in the dark.

Moreover, this tower fan is very affordable compared to other tower fans, given its quality and features. It circulates air to cool a room; you can use its three speeds to control the degree of air movement. Its design is slim and sleek, and provides great oscillation. With all these benefits, this is surely a win-win situation.


A bit of a concern is that this tower fan produces a horrible burning smell as well as clutching noises that go on and off. That can really be disturbing to one’s nose and ears. Some customers also raised that the amount of air it produces is tremendously light, in which you have to be really close to the fan so you can feel its cooling powers. Thus, they do not recommend using it in a large living room.

Other disadvantages include turning only 90 degrees, getting dusty pretty quickly inside, and making not much of a difference between the second and third-speed settings. To add, it looks flimsy, perhaps because of it is made of plastic. You may be able to use it for quite some time, but after that, small troubles start showing up such as noises, weak blowing of air and malfunctioning parts.


This fan is just in the middle, not too amazing, but not that bad either. But is it recommendable? Actually, it depends on your preferences. However, if you do purchase this fan, you will enjoy the blowing of fresh air and the silence it brings.

That all results in lesser air-conditioning costs and improved sleep. Also, you get to choose between the three speed settings, according to the temperature you want. A remote control also comes with it, letting you control the fan from where you are, even if you are across the room. Its sleek and stylish features compliment any decor, especially for people who adore clean lines and a compact design.

It is easy to assemble and is robust enough for you to use it for years. It features a timer that you can set for up to eight hours so you get to turn off the fan without doing it manually, especially when you want it off in the middle of the night. So say goodbye to summer heat and hello to cool wind!