Houses, especially those in tropical areas where Mr. Sun’s heat is raging, need utilities that can cool the quarters. Others would have central air conditioning system that can chill the entire house. However, central air system costs an arm and a leg that others could not just afford factoring the installation charges, the price of the equipment, and the high monthly utility bill.

Some would prefer a window air condition unit. Air condition units are less expensive than central air system but still, because of high usage of electricity, window AC users would suffer an upsurge on the utility bill. This is because AC units undergo several processes to convert warm air to cold air.

For most people, tower fans are more efficient than AC units and more practical than central air system. This is because tower fans are more affordable, more energy-saving, yet effective equipment that can cool a house.

A tower fan works by taking air in the cylindrical motor, ionizes it, and vertically amplifying the ionized air out to the vents. The result is a fresh and strong breeze. The air fills a room because the fan oscillates 90 degrees (other tower fan models can swing up to 180 degrees). The Honeywell with Febreze Mini Tower Fan does exactly the same. This tower fan compels several unique features that could rarely be found on other models.


Evaluating the features of the Honeywell with Febreze Mini Tower Fan, we need to check the efficiency, design, and affordability of this product.

  • This tower fan has one Febreze Scent Cartridge that can freshen the surroundings.
  • The Febreze Scent Cartridge pushes out fresh and good-smelling air while eliminating bad odor.
  • Comes with Febreze Freshness Control dial that allows you to adjust the intensity of the scent from moderate to the maximum level.
  • You can use any variety of Febreze Scent Cartridge.
  • This tower fan has a quiet operation – it functions without a noise unlike AC units and regular fans.
  • The tower fan oscillates well; balance the distribution of fresh air to the room.
  • The tower fan has a two fan speed levels.
  • On top of the tower, fan is the intuitive control panel with dials for adjusting the fan speed and scent settings. Also, an oscillation button for turning the oscillation on or off.
  • The tower fan comes in two colors: classic white and typical black.
  • Affordable price ideal for budget shoppers.
  • Compact, this mini tower fan has dimensions (LxWxH) 7.4” by 7.4” by 17.5.”


  • The Honeywell with Febreze Mini Tower Fan will not only keep your house cool but also fragrant.
  • The Febreze Scent Cartridge lets the tower fan push out fresh and good smelling air. So, if you are cooking a smelly dish, simply turn on the fan, adjust scent level, and let the tower fan deal with the smell.
  • You do not have to worry about looking a particular type of Febreze Scent Cartridge as this fan can use any variety of it.
  • The fan is available in two beautiful colors: white and black. Either of the two could match up a room of any theme.
  • Surprisingly very affordable; an excellent choice of gift for your beloved ones.
  • Small and compact, this tower fan can be placed in areas with constricted spaces. Perhaps, minimalists would find delight with this tower fan.
  • Adjustable fan speed that will allow you to lower or maximize the coolness.
  • The fan is quite when setting to low speed giving you a relaxing sleep. This is pretty ideal for spouses with napping infants.
  • Easy to use. The control panel has responsive dials and button for quick and easy usability.


  • This tower fan does not have a remote control. You have to manually make the adjustment in the control panel.
  • The control panel does not include a sleep timer.
  • The fan has no LCD that will show your current settings.
  • Fan speed level is limited to two options only.
  • The tower fan does not have a built-in handle. If you want to move the fan around, make sure to handle it carefully.
  • The fan makes extreme noise when set to high speed.
  • The fan does not make a cold air when set to low.


The Honeywell with Febreze Mini Tower Fan is perfect for those who want a low-cost tower fan. It works pretty great only with some intolerable drawbacks. The fan is easy to use and reliable of giving good scent to your home. However, the buzzing sound it makes when it oscillates may bother you. But overall, for a low-priced tower fan, this mini tower fan should do fine. It is perfect for offices, kitchens, or other quarter of the house.

Possible Alternatives

The Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan is an excellent option. It has several features that the mini tower does not have such as the LCD display, three fan speed levels, programmable thermostat, timer function, and a remote control with built-in flashlight. This tower fan is also taller and is more efficient in oscillating cool air.

It does not have a scent feature, but that should not be an issue because the fan is excellent at pushing out cool air. This tower fan is pricier, but that is very understandable because of the said special features.


For a low-cost tower fan, the Honeywell with Febreze Mini Tower Fan truly is an excellent choice of product. This tower fan does its work – giving a reasonable amount of cold air. However, for seasons with a raging temperature, the tower fan may not be enough to cool your house. It is suggestible to purchase a tower fan that can give cold air more efficiently.

Of course, tower fans that work better are expected to cost higher, so get ready for more spending. Nonetheless, use a window AC unit if tower fans cannot do the job reliably. Or, you can use both. Who’s counting?