Technology has proven that nowadays, anything is possible. Appliances have been making our lives easier for years by doing the work for us with just a push of a button. Dishwashers wash plates, washing machines wash clothes, vacuum cleaners remove dust and dirt, and there are so many more helpful machines.

One of the most comforting among them is an electric fan, which does the job of blowing cool around us when temperatures become uncomfortable. But now, a certain fan not only blows air, it can also do so much more. Featuring, the Honeywell Freeze Breeze Tower Fan!


  • Contains three speeds plus a shut-off timer function for 1 to 12 hours
  • Touch buttons controls are easy to use
  • Has an LCD display
  • Thermostat is programmable
  • Air filter can be washed
  • Remote control consists of a built-in flashlight
  • Oscillation for better distribution of air


The Honeywell Freeze Breeze Tower Fan can make your home comfortable, even during the hottest days of summer, thanks to its powerful Turbo Wind generator blades; it can move more air compared to the usual blades.

You have the option of using the breeze mode in order to simulate a gentle outdoor wind, or of setting it to automatically shut down in two, four or eight-hour intervals. But whatever option you choose, you can still control it wherever you are due to the convenient remote control. It features three cooling speeds, plus infrared technology.

Further, its tilted head makes directional cooling possible. No problem with how much noise it makes since it is super silent. What’s more is that its ionizer and pollen/dust filter offer huge relief to those who have allergies. And since its job is to make a room cooler, it pushes a lot of air that even if you are 25’ away, you can still feel the air movement. It is not that bulky, saving you much-needed space.

What is also amazing about this product is its temperature control; this feature puts it up above all other fans as it behaves like a thermostat, literally! It is as simple as setting a specific temperature, and then this fan will blow air until the chosen temperature has been reached; it then shuts off by itself. And when the room temperature increases above your chosen temperature, it will automatically turn on.

Moreover, it has a long life so that you can actually use it for years, even if you are using it every single day. It is like the first time all over again with every use. The air blows is really cold, just like an air conditioner, without the high price of purchase and costs associated with air conditioning units.


One concern is that the breeze feature tends to produce annoying noise level fluctuations. The remote control, which was supposed to be convenient, is also actually not, since you have to hold it in a particular position to get it to work the way you want it to; if the fan is revolving, you have to find the perfect spot and timing to be able to make use of the remote control. Others have been disappointed by how their units stopped oscillating after just a few uses.

It is a bit of a challenge, as well, to attach the base, which also looks very unstable, especially on a carpet. Kids and pets would easily be able to knock it over. Some comments about the fan include not being powerful enough, making too much noise, and surprisingly, being overpriced.


This is a great way to solve a heat problem in your home—using the Honeywell Freeze Breeze Tower Fan. In spite of the negative comments, this still gets recommendations from satisfied users. One of the biggest factors is because of its temperature control, which is something that other fans do not have.

You choose a certain temperature, enter your settings, and this fan will circulate cool air until the room reaches your chosen temperature; it then shuts off on its own. And if the temperature rises again, this fan will function once more to reach your set temperature. This tower fan will save you from the big electric bills air conditioners normally create.

Furthermore, you get to experience an outdoor atmosphere when selecting the breeze mode. It is like spring inside your very home, even though it is summer outside. And since this fan is so used to doing things automatically, it can turn off all by itself in two, four or eight-hour intervals.

And with its three speeds, you will never feel hot again. Plus, it is super quiet, so that you will not notice it working, giving you that much-needed silence and peace—wonderful when you are trying to sleep.