The world is getting hotter and hotter every day and standard table, stand, ceiling or wall fans start to perform inefficiently as our homes now require a better way of circulating the air. A wall-mounted air conditioner is a possible option, but your electric bill will likely double.

Centralized air conditioning is also costly, from installation down to energy consumption. The last and ideal thing we can resort to would be a tower fan, such as the Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM which provides great and breathable air circulation that keeps your room cool and relaxing.

The Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM provides superior and sufficient air flow that fills the room in a compact and space-saving design. It is a portable, rectangular device that blows air by a 90 degree oscillation angle.

The sleek, upright rectangular shape of the tower fan allows it to be place in most corners of the room. The oscillating feature allows the fan to distribute the air from left to right, eventually filling up the room, unlike a stand or table fan that are stationary.

The oscillation feature and the power of the Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM, regardless of the size of the fan, can usually offer enough air circulation or distribution in large areas or rooms. It is also very quiet and produces a very light and low sound compared with a standard fan or some air-conditioners.


  • It has a breeze mode feature that puts the tower fan blowing setting to mimic a natural environment where it recreates the flow of the breeze.
  • The tower fan has a sleep mode setting where you can customize or personalize it to your sleeping preference. Once the sleep mode is activated, all other modes and settings are turned off. The lights of the fan will go off and it will also go as quiet as possible.
  • Unlike any other tower fan, the Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM includes a remote control to add some more convenience, allowing you to control the fan’s setting from a distance. You can also turn the oscillation on and off through the remote. The batteries of the RC are also included in the set.
  • It has an oscillation feature that evenly distributes the air, eventually filling up the room with a cool and relaxing breeze.
  • The fan has an 8-speed feature that brings the blowing power to another level and provides a greater comfort than a typical tower fan. It also has a fair length of 38 inches.
  • It is well constructed. You will hear and feel no parts making noises as you lift them up. The tower fan is durable and made from high quality materials.


  • It is highly portable. The design of the tower fan itself has a handle to allow the owner or the user to easily lift it from one place to another. The weight is tolerable as a normal size person can carry it around without exerting too much effort.
  • Space saving. It uses minimal amount of space and can fit to anywhere in the house.
  • It has different fan setting or mode that makes it a versatile and flexible tower fan.
  • The quietness as it blows and circulates the air is remarkable. You can barely feel or hear that it is already on. It provides great and comfortable long sleeps.
  • It has great aesthetics. The moment you get it out of the box will make you say that the product is very professional looking as well as sharp. The shiny black color gives it an elegant look and indicates that it is a product worth its purchase.


  • The power is great, but only for a small room. It cannot keep a large room cool. The power it has will make it as though it is just an ordinary or standard fan if placed in a large area.
  • It does not have a power saving feature where you can set a timer and the tower fan will automatically shut itself off.
  • The remote control can only be used in a short distance, a few meters away from the tower fan. Placing it at one end in a large room would give you a hard time controlling it from the other end.


The Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM for its affordable price is a highly beneficial home appliance. It is economically a wise investment as it has the power of several ordinary or standard fans. You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing it rather than buying several fans just to keep the room cool.

It is fairly cheap compared with other high and expensive tower fans but it sure can compete in terms of quality and performance. The durability of the product is guaranteed to last for a long time.


If find this product is not suitable for you or if you doubt the quality based on how affordable it is then you can opt to have the Slimline Tower Fan by Seville Classics. It is an expensive fan with great features, top of the line quality and reliable durability.

It is one of the best-selling tower fan products with high rating and plenty of positive reviews. The Slimline Tower Fan by Seville Classics is actually a combo pack because the package includes two tower fans, a large and a small, all for a reasonable price. It also has many recommendations from satisfied customers and the purchases just keep growing.


Putting into consideration the large difference in price of the Holmes 38-Inches Tower Fan Group HTF38138-BM as compared to other brands of tower fans, it is really remarkable due to the fact that it has almost the same competitive features to those well-known and expensive brands.

The amount of air circulation your home needs and the relaxing cool breeze you’re longing to feel is now within your arm’s reach without hesitation as it is easy on the pocket and will provide the right worth your money deserves.