When summer strikes, there is nothing more important than keeping the body cool. We do that by running on the beach, wearing breathable cotton clothes, or consistently fueling the body with ice cold water.

Technology has always been helpful to us. In fact, there are several appliances that has been invented to help us fight the raging heat of the sun. The central air conditioning system has always been an efficient apparatus that keep the house chill and fresh. However, they are too expensive that only those with silver spoons can afford.

Basic fans are also popular for being efficient appliances that amplify air. They work by pushing in the air and strongly ventilating it to the room resulting to a fresher surrounding. But, they are not always reliable especially when the temperature gets higher than usual.

Then there are the windows AC unit. It is not as expensive as the central AC system, but it uses a large amount of electricity that resulting to a higher utility bill. So, science has come up with another technology that combines the power of AC unit and basic fans at a reasonable price – the tower fans.

Tower fans are low-cost yet very effective in giving cold air. They use a little amount of electricity and are very compact. The Hamilton Beach, a famous American manufacturer of appliances, have created a 42″ fan that compels several unique features.


  • 42-inch high tower fan with thin yet durable structure with stable round base that supports the column.
  • This tower fan comes with a three-speed setting: low, medium, and high.
  • The fan is operative through a remote control.
  • Comes with a sleep timer setting from 1 hour to 7 hours.
  • This tower fan has three operating modes: normal, natural, and sleep. Each provides a variety of air flow.
  • The tower fan has a LED night light built in its body that can work as a lamp.
  • Portable, the fan has a built-in handle for easy carriage.
  • Energy-smart tower fan, it only uses 120V and 60Hz electric current.
  • Compact and space-efficient with dimensions 12” by 12” by 45.5”.
  • The fan is in the beautiful black finish that is perfect for any rooms.
  • This tower fan is in reasonable price, probably because of the added unique features.


  • The tower fan is slim making it easy to place in any areas even with small spaces.
  • The tower fan has a satisfactory height which means ventilation of air is more efficient.
  • This appliance functions with remote control. You do not have to stand up just to adjust the settings; make fan setting changes from the comfort of your seat.
  • Comes with a reliable sleep timer that will help you save energy. Also, with the sleep timer, you do not have to turn the fan off manually.
  • The beautiful black design of the fan is versatile and can match up any theme.
  • The LED light of the fan is excellent at giving luminosity in the night.
  • The tower fan is energy-efficient compared to standard AC units and central air system.
  • The tower fan has three modes of operation which are efficient for pushing the air out in variable air flows.
  • This fan is very portable, you can put in anywhere – office, kitchen, bedroom, or in the living room.
  • The control panel is simple and responsive with easy to click touch controls.
  • This tower fan is an excellent choice for gift.
  • The price is good and is not too expensive.
  • The fan has a quiet operation; it does not make any noise when functioning.
  • Made from reputable American manufacturing company that is popular for making durable and sturdy.


  • The tower fan seems a little bit flimsy with the small round base.
  • The fan does not have a scent feature which makes it a little bit of the trend.
  • Frustratingly, the fan only comes in one common color.
  • The LED light does not actually brighten the room, it only gives a dim.


If you want an efficient and reliable tower fan, this Hamilton Beach 42-inch Tower Fan is an excellent choice of product! It brags several essential features for your convenience. It is wirelessly controllable with several controls that will help you get the right level of coolness. This fan gives out an excellent amount of air flow which is ideal for offices as it provides a breeze that does not blow papers out. But of course, this fan is not only for offices, but it is also for different quarters. The price is also rational which is perfect for its feature. However, this tower fan creates a buzzing sound when the fan speed is set to maximum level. Overall, the appliance works pretty well.

Possible Alternatives

For an alternative, you can try the 32-inch Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan, one of the best tower fans in Amazon. The QuietSet Tower Fan has eight-speed level options and quiet control. The control panel has innovative electronic touch controls that allow you to quickly tap the buttons when changing the settings. This fan also has a setting for the oscillation and for the fan mode: breeze or normal. Another feature that made this fan more likable is the digital display that will show your current setting. It also has an adjustable thermostat for convenience when changing the level of coolness. Additionally, this fan has sleep timer settings where you can set the fan to shut off in 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. And lastly, this product is more affordable than the Hamilton Beach 42-inch Tower Fan.


The benchmarks of the Hamilton Beach Tower Fan are fantastic. The features are very reliable – excellent air flow quality and responsive fan settings. The fan is also very slim which is perfect for any small-spaced areas. The fan may seem flimsy, but that should not stop you from liking it. There are tower fans available on the market that are more affordable than this one with features almost the same. So, if you want a more budget-friendly tower fan, you could always change your preferences but expect lesser features and qualities.