Tower fans are the most common home appliance nowadays as the world has become more hot, especially during summer. Contrary to common misconception, tower fans do not produce air. They merely suck in the air within the room through vents and blow it out on the other end at a higher and faster speed.

Fans keep the air well circulated, making the room cool and refreshing. They are one of the most useful things you can have in your home. Unfortunately, due to the fact that fans suck air in that could contain dust that settles within the air panel, you are required to learn the proper way of cleaning a tower fan.

Maintenance and Cleaning is required with most home appliances and accessories. As with cleaning a tower fan, there are two ways you can do it: the easy way and the hard way. The easy way, of course, is not thorough and will only clean the exterior parts of the tower fan. The hard way, however, requires you to disassemble the tower fan. Whatever method you choose, know that there is advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Proper Way of Cleaning a Tower Fan

Before deciding to clean your tower fan, make sure to check the user’s manual included in the package and check if there are specific instructions on how to do cleaning and maintenance. There are some unique tower fan products that do not follow the usual construction and have sophisticated designs. You do not want it to damage the product as you clean.

Using an Air Compressor

This method of cleaning a tower fan can extend to cleaning the exterior and some areas in the interior parts. The materials you need are protective goggles, an air mask, a brush, a screw driver for tower fans with removable panels and most importantly, an air compressor.

  • First, turn of the tower fan and unplug it from the outlet. Look for a place where you have enough space to move around and a place that is ideal to blow off dusts, preferably outside your house, the backyard or the garage.
  • Once you have your space ready, put on your goggles and your air mask. It may seem a little like overkill but inhaling thick dusts or debris or getting some in your eye could land you in a hospital if you are not careful.
  • If your tower fan has a removable panel, use your screw driver and start unscrewing. Place the screws in a secure area as you need to re-attach the panel after you’re done.
  • Now turn on the air compressor and slowly blow the dust off the tower fan panel from top to bottom thoroughly until it is dust free.
  • After the panel, blow off some of the dust from the tower fan itself as it is possible to have it all around the parts of the tower fan, especially on the vents.
  • Depending on your judgment, you can now turn off the air compressor if you think that it no longer blows and dust off.
  • Turn the tower fan to a position where gravity can help and use the brush to eliminate the remaining dusts within.
  • Once you’re done, simply screw back and re-attach the panel and you are good to go.

You should take note that this process requires long commitment as there is a need to clean the tower fan once in a while for it to blow and circulate breathable air. It may seem like a strenuous and tiresome endeavor but cleaning the tower fan is just a small inconvenience for the benefits and advantages you’ll get.

Advantages of Having a Tower Fan

Think of the struggle it is to clean a tall ceiling fan. In comparison to a tower fan, the struggle is simple. It is far more troublesome to get a ladder and climb your way up the ceiling just to detach the ceiling fan every time you do your monthly cleaning and maintenance. There are many benefits and advantages to savor if you have a tower fan rather than a ceiling or a standard table fan.


Yes, table fans are highly portable too. It’s the same with tower fans. But how about a ceiling fan? Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling, being held by large screws to secure it properly to keep it attached and avoid any accidents or falls.


Table fans are as durable as a tower fan but table fans are far more expensive. Surely there is a reason why. Table fans are not designed to have enough power to blow enough air to circulate properly across the room. During hot seasons, you’ll probably end up buying two or three table fans just to keep the room cool.

Tower fans, on the other hand, have sizes where the price increases slightly with each size. In addition to that, tower fans have more power and more efficient oscillation, filling the entire room with enough air. It will save you more money than ordinary table or ceiling fans.

Tower Fan Materials

Most materials used in tower fans are usually high-end and modern as the tower fan itself is a late generation product. Parts are built in improved and newly developed plastics, metals, blowers, propellers, etc. They are more durable and long lasting compared to near obsolete designs and creations such as table fans or ceiling fans.


Regardless of what type of tower fan you have, whether it is an expensive, top of the line brand, an intermediate class tower fan, or any ordinary table fan or ceiling fan, all will still require you to do cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning a tower fan, to be specific, will just take a few minutes of your time. Keeping it clean will benefit you so why not give an effort. A clean tower fan will blow and circulate sufficient amounts of breathable air and will also provide 100 percent performance compared to a dust-full tower fan.