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Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan Review

Most fans are noisy, which means they produce sounds that can be loud and irritating, especially when you’re trying to sleep. They can also be incompetent and not really help in cooling a given area, just circulating room-temperature air. In addition, there are fans that can only cover a limited area so they can’t be used for a large space. However, there actually is a fan that can address these issues—the Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan. Features Has electronic controls together with LED display Three speeds plus oscillation Contains an auto-off timer with options of 1, 2, 4...

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Honeywell HY-280 Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan Review

A lot of homes and offices use air conditioners nowadays since they can make a room cold in just a matter of minutes. But the downside? It can pretty much cost a lot. No worries, though because you can still get a cool room without an air conditioner, using a fan. And not just any fan. Try a tower fan, like the Honeywell HY-280 Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan. Features Contains 8 speeds and levels of quiet control Has a remote control together with an on-product housing Touch button electronic controls Comes along with breeze and oscillation setting...

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