Are tower fans good at providing cool air compared to other appliances? It is called tower fan because it looks and stands tall like a tower equipped with vents to fan out the air.

It is best to use it in bedrooms, study rooms or conference rooms as it can operate noise-free and provides cool air twice as much as a regular fan in a wider and more open setting. It is fairly efficient and gives stronger breeze and cooler air compared to ordinary fans.

Some rooms install air conditioning units but they are not efficient enough when it comes to providing cool air in a vast area. The trick to maintaining a cool breeze through constant air movements is in high quality fans provided with the right tower fans. Looking for a tower fan can be confusing and overwhelming because of the many functions and variations it offers.

Benefits of a Tower Fans

Cool Breeze

Tower fans provide more air circulation by oscillating, which ensures that the area stays cool. It distributes the cool breeze in a 90-degree angle. Most models are designed with air filters and ionization to keep the room fresh and clean.

Slim Design

Tower fans are easy to use, thus an efficient product. Because of the tall and slim shape, it can be placed almost anywhere in the house or office without worrying about space consumption.

Cooling Capacity

Tower fans have a variety of size and capacity. As a user, you need to pick out a model that will suit your needs. Identify what kind or how much cooling power you want the tower fan to have. If you will be situated in a wider space, then pick out a tower fan that has greater air circulation.

Since tower fans have an oscillating ability, they are capable of circulating air to larger spaces. If you will be situated in a fairly small space, then an average size fan with a standard air circulation power might do the job.


Technically, tower fans are designed not to emit any noise. Despite being equipped with a motor, the tower fan’s sound can barely make and disturbance or discomfort to anyone present in the area.

The user can still maintain his or her focus while continually getting the benefits of the cool breeze as the tower fan operates. The sleek tower-like shape allows air to be distributed lightly in a room. This product promotes a noise free environment.


While tower fans are mostly used in wider areas, some models exist to be tall, slim and small that you can carry around wherever you go. Tower fans are compact and mobile. It is surely durable and a lot better than buying a battery operated fan. A tower fan is a good investment if you are looking for mobility, light weight and ease.


If you know how to operate a regular fan, then you know how to operate a tower fan as well. Don’t be intimidated by its complex design and high-tech look, because the simplicity of its controls is just like any other appliance or electronic device.

What make tower fans unique are the different functions and options they offer. Provided with a remote control, the user will be able to determine the amount of time the fan will operate and later shut off. He or she can also set the air oscillation, cooling level, and purifier. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

High Tech Design

If you are looking for an appliance that will match the motif of your home or will be attractive enough for your office, then simply choose the right style. Tower fans come in many styles that will easily convene with the rest of your furniture and fixtures. It is also a device that brings elegance to your setting.

Environment friendly

Tower fans are not only user friendly but environment friendly as well. Additionally, more sophisticated models are created which promote an environment friendly objective. For one, it conserves energy since the tower fan works twice as much as a regular fan and delivers cool air almost five times better than regular fans.

You will not need two to three fans to do the job when one tower fan is more than enough. Also, tower fans possess many functions, like cooler, air purifier and humidifier. More energy is saved with the automated design feature of the fan.

The user can set a timer that can shut on or off within a particular time limit. Its air purifier and other functions can be modified too. Imagine if you left a regular fan running for a day.


Most electronic devices are designed with a safety measure. Since tower fans are user friendly, this includes that it operates safely. If you are concerned if someone accidentally slides a finger through the vents or tip the tower fan over, you can be assured that it is far from harm.

The base is safely anchored to the ground and the fan blades operate in a vertical manner. You can also keep the fan in a safe area away from little children or dogs. It is easy to move and store your tower fan. Provided that it is automated, set the timer so that you will always be assured you never leave it running, especially when you step out of the house.


With all these benefits, you can say that tower fans are good not just in providing a constant cooling breeze during a very hot weather, especially when the summer season comes, but also the additional features and other capabilities of the tower fan can provide you almost everything you can ever need from a fan.

More importantly, you get more than what you pay for. When all you think you need is a little bit of cool breeze, you get a device, easy to use, easy to store, easy to bring, plus environment and user friendly and safe for home to office use daily.