When choosing a fan to buy, there are a lot of options to choose from. When you have chosen choose what kind of fan you are going buy, there is even more work to do in trimming down the choices.

So for instance, you picked a tower fan—there are further ways in which you can break down your selection.  There are a few questions you need to ask in order to get the perfect tower fan that will suit your needs.

Benefits of a tower fan

To start, tower fans are known to offer a greater amount of air flow from an extremely small and compact unit. At a 90-degree angle, these fans distribute air, while oscillating at the same time. This design combination then produces an exceptionally effective and efficient flow of air.

Also, a tower fan’s shape is considered as a positive attribute since it makes it fit into spaces that would not possibly accommodate a regular room fan. To add, most tower fan models also offer air ionization to give your room a clean and fresh feeling.

Energy efficiency

Now the question is, are tower fans energy efficient? Yes. One reason is that most tower fans have an auto-shut down feature, which means the fan turns off on its own after a desired amount of time, since you actually have the option to choose whether it shuts down after one, two, four or eight hours.

Because of that, a tower fan helps in saving energy as well as resources. Some users even state that using a tower fan helps them lower their energy bills since they use their air-conditioner units less, or sometimes not at all, thanks to the cool air that a tower fan blows circulates within a room.

Environment friendly

And not only tower fans are energy efficient, but they are also environment friendly. There are actually several models created with the intention of preserving the environment. A malfunctioning fan will definitely not reduce your carbon environmental, but one that circulates air, reduces energy use, and also dehumidifies, and purifies the air is an efficient product.

Tower fans are also known to use a highly effective and efficient methods to cool small, specific areas of your office or home. They produce hardly any noise and are considered as more efficient than the normal or traditional fans.

And with their ability to produce air that can compete even with an air-conditioning unit, you will soon have a cold area, making it necessary for you to turn off the fan after a few hours. So yes, again, it shows how energy efficient it is.

Save money on energy bills

Or if you want, you can actually combine the power of an air-conditioning unit and a tower fan. This way, you can still save energy costs as you adjust the thermostat temperature setting higher. For every one degree you adjust the temperature upward on a thermostat, you can cut your total cooling costs by between 6.5 and 11 percent.

Likewise, you can also save money during winter in distributing heat through your home by lowering the setting on your thermostat and supplementing air circulation with an oscillating fan.

Space saving

But aside from these benefits of a tower fan, from being energy efficient to having a great design, there are so much more advantages. For instance, given that it is vertical, it can conveniently fit in a small area without taking up too much space. Even if you place it in a corner, it can still circulate cool air. Also, this fan is very easy to assemble, has a minimum of three fan speed settings, and will supply a huge amount of airflow from a compact unit.

Further, this kind of fan oscillates on a small and sturdy base. It is quiet as well, and features natural air and sleep modes. It is also safe for children and pets since it has small grates found on the front, which in no way impede an adequate air circulation, but keeps fingers and toes out.


Clearly, there are a lot of benefits you can get from having a tower fan, and energy efficiency is one of the top features, right up there with amazing cooling power.